November 17-18, 2022
Shanghai • China
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From baby care to personal care, from household wiping to car interior cleaning, from mobile phone cleaning to computer screen dust removal, and further to machinery equipment and precision instrument cleaning, wipes are found everywhere in daily life and industrial production. Exhibition showcase will display the latest products and technology of the enterprises that come from the entire wipes industry chain, effectively for these enterprises to promote their products and technology, introduce brands, build up reputation and image, enhance competitiveness, and win opportunities through this platform.

Exhibit Categories

    • Raw Materials:

                    adhesives, polyester, cotton, polylactic acid, Lyser, acrylic, two-component fibers, additives, viscose, polyester and other types of fibers

    • Coils:

                    spunlaced / hydro entangles nonwovens, airlaid nonwovens, etc.

    • Equipment:

                    non-woven equipment, dry/wet wipe equipment, packaging equipment, etc.

    • End Products:

                 household tissue, infant, personal care, home care dry/ wet wipes, facial mask and cosmetics, household wipe materials, medical wipe materials, industrial wipe materials, all kinds of wipes


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