November 17-18, 2022
Shanghai • China
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   Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry (INDA)

INDA, Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry, serves hundreds of member companies in the nonwovens / engineered fabrics industry doing business globally.  Since 1968, INDA networking events have helped members connect, innovate and develop their businesses.  INDA educational courses, market data, test methods, consultancy and issue advocacy help members succeed by providing them the information they need to better plan and execute their business strategies.


EDANA is the leading global association and voice of the nonwovens and related industries.

Since 1971, the association has provided for its 275+ members, a comprehensive range of services with the information and data necessary to enhance the industry's goals and performance. The association has a global reach with a focus on Europe, the Middle East and Africa. All activities reflect the changing dynamics of the nonwovens industry with three areas of particular focus: advocate free and fair trade; foster product stewardship; create an environment beneficial to innovation and to sustainable and profitable growth.

        Japan Hygiene Products Industry Association  (JHPIA)

Japan Hygiene Products Industry Association (JHPIA), founded in 1950, is the industry organization formed by the companies engaged in manufacture and sale of the hygiene products and their materials.  Currently, the product areas our member companies are dealing cover medical/quasi medical products, medical devices and other general hygiene products. More specifically, they are absorbent cotton, gauze, bandage, sanitary napkin, tampon, disposable diaper for both baby and adult, paper sheet and first-aid dressing.  We are proud that we have contributed to maintaining the national quality level of life including for medicine and care. We are all aware that our responsibilities are greater since the quick reaction to disasters and the provision of services and products needed by the elderly people are included in parts of our mission.


The Thai Nonwoven Fabrics Industry AssociationTNFA

The Thai Nonwoven Fabrics Industry Association (TNFA), founded in March, 2020, carries the mission of serving all Thai nonwoven companies.  Thailand is a major hub in ASEAN for nonwovens production and usage.  Taking this advantage, TNFA helps its members trade equipment, products and services for domestic consumption as well as throughout the ASEAN and globally to service the Disposable Hygiene, Medical, Automotive, Tissue Paper and Packaging sectors. The association will seek to work with other global nonwovens associations, companies, suppliers and distributors that produce equipment, and products, covering the full supply chain for nonwovens from raw material to finished product, to distribution. 

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